About Our Company

About Our Company

365 Custom Turf specializes in helping homeowners transform their backyard into their own personal paradise. We offer the highest quality turf lawns and putting greens. We also install rock beds, pavers, firepits, lighting systems, and trampolines. 

Our Services

Our highly experienced design team will provide an on site consultation where we take measurements and show you various materials to choose from. We then create digital renderings and 3D models to show you exactly how it will look when we are finished.

Our Products

We only utilize turf from American manufacturers to ensure the highest quality of product. 365 Custom Turf guarantees the highest quality resin materials that ensures UV stabilization, color stability, bacteria resistance, and lead free yarn fibers.

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Every Homeowner dreads the amount of money and time that is spent on lawn maintenance. Turf is the perfect solution for eliminating that stress out of your life! Artificial turf is safe for kids and pets. You won’t have to worry about mud getting tracked into the house or your kids getting bug bites. Switch to 365 Custom Turf today!


Whether you’re a business, school, or church, installing artificial turf is a no brainer! Landscaping turf saves you money on maintenance and looks beautiful all year. We even design and create sports fields for all ages to enjoy.


Hardscapes include pavers, rock beds, retaining walls, and firepits. Installing hardscapes along with your turf will lower your overall cost. Hardscapes require zero maintenance and look beautiful as well. We have a large variety of options to match your home.

Pet and Eco Friendly

Our turf is safe for children and pets. Artificial turf is extremely durable and easy to maintain. Now your kids and dogs can play in the backyard without any worries. Turf reduces the risk of allergens and bug bites which is a huge benefit for families!

Putting Greens

Most golfers dream of having their own practice course right in their backyard. We can work with you to design and create your very own putting green in the comfort of your own home. Plus, we all know this is the best way to impress and entertain guests!

Inground Trampolines

Now that you actually want to spend time in your backyard, let’s make it fun for the whole family! We install inground trampolines along side the rest of our products. We have a variety of sizes and shapes to choose from as well. Let’s jump!

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  1. Ground Clearing
  2. Removing Underground Hazards
  3. Base Preparation
  4. Turf Layout
  5. Cutting Turf to Custom Fit
  6. Securing Turf
  7. Seaming Turf Panels
  8. Adding Infill
  9. Cleanup

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