Frequently Asked Questions

Is Turf Worth The Investment?

Yes! Turf saves you time, energy, and money on routine yard maintenance. No more watering, mowing, fertilizing, and spraying pesticides!

Every year, Texans experience a huge spike in water bills in the summer; 70% of which is spent on watering the lawn.

If you’re a pet owner, you’ve probably experienced your dogs tracking mud into the house. Turf solves this problem!

Ever had to deal with fleas or other pests? Turf can also eliminate the issue of your pets bringing bugs into your house, causing pain and suffering for your whole family.

How Expensive Are Your Products?

Pricing depends on the design and materials you choose. We have a variety of turf and putting green options as well as rock beds, pavers, firepits and lighting. Price per square foot ranges from $8-12. 

The only way to get you an accurate quote is for us to come out and take measurements and get a clear understanding of your needs. 

What Is Your Turf Made Of?

Our turf is a monofilament polyethylene with a polyurethane backing.
This combination is extremely durable and is completely safe for kids and pets.

Our turf yarn is UV stabilized to resist fading from the sun. It is also non-flammable and will not give off any chemical odors.

Each turf option has different blade shapes to mimic the look and feel of various grass types. Some turfs are optimized to stay cool while others are optimized for softness or durability.

How Long Does Turf Last?

We only utilize premium turf that lasts over 10 years! You will need to maintain your turf periodically depending on the usage and the season.

Will Weeds Grow Through Turf?

Yes, we install weed barrier (for non pet owners) to help prevent weed growth. However, sedge grows on and through anything and everything; even concrete!

We recommend using Sedge Hammer (herbicide) to help prevent future growth.

What Maintenance Is Required?

Keep your turf clean by blowing leaves and debris away as needed. Brushing in extra infill to keep your blades up once or twice a year is recommended.

What Is Infill?

Infill is a blend of sand like particles that keep your turf blades standing upright. This keeps the turf looking and feeling good. We also offer pet infill to reduce odors from urine.

Upon install, infill is brushed into your turf. Your consultant will recommend a schedule for adding more infill depending on your usage.

Will Dogs Destroy My Turf?

No! Unless, your dogs have a bad habit of digging.

Our turf is very durable and can withstand big breeds running, jumping, and playing in the yard.

Upon install, we use deodorizing infill for pet owners to reduce odors from urine. Routine cleaning is needed. Simply pick up the poop and hose off the urine.

If your turf smells over time, we also offer a deodorizing spray to get rid of foul odors.