What's The Big Difference?

There are many distinct differences between our turf products. Our products vary in weight, blade shapes, and blade color. This dramatically effects the look and feel of your yard! Whether you’re wanting a pet friendly lawn, luxury lawn, or sports field; we got you covered! Speak with your consultant to see which type of turf fits your specific needs.

Turf Weight

Blade Shapes

Blade Shapes vary in softness, durability, and rigidity.

  1. Softness is all about comfort. The blades feel smooth and rounded.
  2. Durability effects how well the turf can withstand heavy foot/paw traffic as well as heavy lawn furniture.
  3. Rigidity is the stiffness of the blade. The more rigid, the straighter the blade and less likely it is to lose it’s shape.Pet owners with large dogs should prioritize durability and rigidity.
    Parents with kids that play in the backyard should prioritize softness.
    Homeowners that host backyard events often will want to prioritize rigidity.Speak with your design specialist so they can help you choose the right type of turf for your specific needs!


AirFlow Technology is the latest innovation in the artificial grass industry. When the sun is out and it’s hot, synthetic turf doesn’t stay as cool as natural grass due to the water content found in natural grass.

Synthetic grass does not radiate heat like rock, pavement or brick. AirFlow Technology allows heat to dissipate passively. Our AirFlow Technology has been tested by experts in a controlled environment and has been proven to keep turf 15 degrees cooler.

Even through the summer heat and direct sunlight, our AirFlow synthetic grass remains pleasantly functional. The unique 3-dimensional design of our blades delivers the most realistic look and feel. AirFlow technology provides enhanced light deflection, accelerates airflow, reduces sheen and eliminates the shiny, unnatural look of traditional synthetic grass. Our exclusive AirFlow technology is one of the many reasons people choose 365 Custom Turf.

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